LITE can manufacture parts for a range of applications.We can design and fabricate components:  insulation,sealing,PSA & tape,acoustic,shielding and automotive NVH applications.

Insulation Materials

The experts of LITE will work with you to understand the substrates you are attempting to bond, environmental factors, and final application to make the best material recommendation for your application.

Commonly used insulation materials : EPDM, NBR, PU etc


Many products and applications require sealing from different elements:  air, water, dust, fluid gas, electromagnetic interference, radio frequencies and even light.

LITE manufactures custom gaskets of all sorts.  With a wide variety of materials to choose from including foams like Rogers PORON® Foam and tapes like 3M™ Gasket Bonding Tapes.  We can help you design a cost effective gasket that solves your sealing problem.


Different use of the environment on the performance of the tape have different requirements , such as flame-retardant tape, sealing tape , double-sided tape, foam tape, etc.LITE experts will work together to analyze your use of the environment and the use of tape products in order to recommend the best .

LITE has long-standing relationships with the premier manufacturers of the most advanced and highest quality soft materials and adhesives. Such as:3M, Soken, INOAC,Rogers etc.

Acoustic Materials

Rubber foam in noise and vibration control has a wide range of applications . With its cell structure and plasticity , acoustic materials(such as pu and melamine) making noise problem has been solved.

Polyurethane and melamine has a wide range of use.


In today’s world of consumer electronics products must be designed to contain or reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) to ensure the safety, reliability and long-term functionality of the device.

LITE manufactures and fabricates EMI Gaskets, EMI shields and RFI Shields for product protection and damage control.  If you are looking for a complex gasket, overlay shield, roll tapes, finger stock, or a cable insulator, Marian has the solutions.


NVH(Noise、Vibration、Harshness) is a measure of the quality of an integrated car manufacturing problem.

LITE specialize in a variety of sound-absorbing materials, research  insulation materials structures and application, thereby improving the performance of sound absorption and noise inside the car .